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DIRECT MARKETING  -  The Westates Advantage

  • One of the largest commercial printers in Southern California. 

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful Sales Team. 

  • Industry leading, innovative design team. 

  • One the industries most extensive list & data capabilities allow targeted marketing on the highest level. 

  • 100% In-house production guarantees quality, saves you money & allows us to meet any deadline. 

  • No contracts. No rush fee. No hidden charges. 

  • Branding and rebranding packages. 

  • Full Lettershop and mail services. 

  • Multi-media campaigns custom designed for you. 

  • Integrity and passion for what we do and it shows in your R.O.I. 

  • Track your mail as it moves through the post office.
    Internet tracking of your mail drop lets you know when your message gets to your customers. 

  • How successful was your campaign? We can show you with our specialized reports. 


  • Service Mailers

  • Maintenance Reminders

  • Welcome Letters

  • Declined Service Letters


Amplify the results of your Direct Mail Campaign with an Email Campaign. Your email campaign will mirror your promotional message and perfectly compliment your mailers by providing links that in turn provide customers a convenient way of accessing your website or online web coupons.

Circle Die-Cut Mailer 6” x 24.5” On Card Stock
With Four Pop-Out Coupons On Each Side

10.5” x 17.5” Die-Cut Envelope Mailer
With Perforated Gift Card(s)

service mailers.jpg

We Offer 4 More Die-Cut Shapes To Choose From!

Half-Fold Mailer 10.5” x 17”
Plenty Of Room To Showcase Sales, Parts, Service & Event

Tri-Fold Mailer 10.5” x 17” and 
Half-Fold Mini Mailer 9” x 12”

You Can’t Go Wrong With These Classics

service mailers2.jpg
Customers love “bobble-heads”  of your Staff!

Additional Sizes & Layouts Available

Various Sizes Available

Checkbook Mailer
Perforated Pages For Easy Tear Out

service mailers3.jpg

Additional Sizes & Layouts Available

Great For Customer Retention. Self mail or give to customers buying a new or pre-owned vehicle to help gain & maintain their service business.


Scored Data
Shown 8.5”x14” Letter 
in full window envelope

Lease Termination
Shown 8.5”x11” 
Letter Fold in envelope

Shown 8.5”x11” 
Letter Fold in envelope

scored data.png

Target sub prime or above average credit customers using FICO & Beacon Scores.

lease termination.png

Target customers with Lease  Terminations due within the next 3 to 12 months.


Capture recent discharges (Chapters 7, 11, or 13) with no Delinquencies.

Shown Perf & Tab

Jumbo Mailer
Shown Tri-fold 15” x 22”

“Mega” Mailer
Shown Tri-fold 15” x 22”


Buyback offer on a detached certificate once opened. Plus A Target Gift Card Offer 


Plenty of space to showcase a large 
volume of new and/or preowned vehicles. Gift Card Offer With Test Drive Is Always A Good Draw.


Capture recent discharges (Chapters 7, 11, or 13) with no Delinquencies.


Automotive Direct Mail Marketing, Automotive Direct Mail Services,  and Automotive Direct Mail Advertising

We offer a variety of direct mail solutions to fit your needs. We can handle your entire direct mail campaign, or just mail the pieces you already have printed. Our experience and resources allow us to deliver your mailing pieces faster and more cost-effectively than other direct mailing companies. We’ll ensure your direct mail pieces reach their destinations on-time while meeting ever-changing USPS requirements.


Let us take care of everything
We provide quick turn around times, excellent service and our professional staff is here to ensure that all your mailing needs are met. Through years of direct mail industry experience, we are able to ensure flawless and worry-free execution of your direct mailing.


Direct mailing costs
There are many different factors that determine the cost of your direct mail campaign. Contact us today for a custom quote. Our team is here to help you create a great direct mail campaign.


Business Cards


Shown 11x18 die-cut mock envelope mailer with perforated cards And scratchers

22" x 28" Laminated Posters


Shown Standard size 3.5 x 2. Other options available. 


All shapes and sizes.

2’ x 8’ Banners

Table/Car Toppers


Die-Cut Hangtags


E-mail Campaigns

Prospecting Lists

  • Registration

  • Self Reported

  • Income 

  • Score Data

  • Ethnic

  • Households

  • Lease/Loan Termination


Combine Several Lists & Increase Your New Car Sales Or Service Drive Traffic. 


Amplify The Results Of Your Direct Mail With An E-Mail. Your E-Mail Campaign Will Mirror Your Promotional Message And Provides Your Customers With An Easy Way To Link To Your Dealership’s Website.

Mail Tracking


We can track your mail as it moves through the post office. Internet tracking of your mail drop lets you know when your message gets to your customers.


We track your campaigns success
We offer state-of-the-art tracking methods to ensure your campaign performs in line with your goals and objectives. At Westates, we implement many methods to track the results.

Call Center

  • Live operator

  • 24/7 Coverage

  • Custom scripts

  • Leads emailed in real-time

Toll Free Call Tracking

  • Captures every call from your campaign

  • Allows you to track leads specific to your campaign

  • Voice recorded calls

  • Training Tools

Personalized Web Addresses (PURLs)


  • Improve campaign response

  • Personalized web address to capture internet leads

  • Captures prospects information

  • Delivers leads in real-time


How successful was the mailing and your email campaign? We can show you with our specialized reports.




  • 27,791 pieces mailed

  • 125% of KBB Values Listed

  • $25,000 Sweepstakes Giveaway



*Reported Sales include only vehicles that can be sourced directly to the mailer. 


Specialized Reports


Here is an example of Actual mailer and results from a recent Sales Campaign 8.5”x14” Letter with envelope.


Your mailing list matters
The most important part to superior traffic building starts and ends with the mailing list. We take the time to research, define, and test your ideal target customer’s profiles. Our expertise in properly selecting the right prospects in your geographical area or desired location guarantees to maximize the response for your marketing campaign. We compile the most accurate and up-to-date lists on just about any kind of criteria you can think of. Some of our most popular lists target:

  • Pre-Qualified Experian Credit Scores

  • Automotive Year Make and Model with Blue/Black Book Appends

  • In the Market to Purchase

  • Bankruptcies: Filed and Discharged

  • Home Owners

  • Ethnic Surnames

  • Household Income

  • Past Purchase History

  • Every Door Direct Mail

The analytical aspect of each campaign is often the most overlooked aspect of direct response marketing. It shouldn’t be. A mailer might look pretty and an offer might appear enticing, but if its just mass-marketed to anyone and everyone in a certain geographic radius, it will be a waste of your money. Sending mail to prospects who are most likely to be in-market buyers (and most qualified to buy today) will give you the strongest response and the most return on your investment.

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